Our 19 Hummingbird Species

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White-tipped Sicklebill
Description:Very sharply decurved bill,bronzy green above,heavily streaked sooty and white belly.
Range:Foothills and lowlands Costa Rica to Northern Peru.
Note:Not seen often here,not known to be here, maybe deforestation causing migration.

Description: Almost straight bill, unusal black upper, pinkish under, mostly green, vent and rump rufous tail rufous.
Range:East central Mexico to Peru.
Note: Noisy, very territorial, skiddish, here year round.

Magenta-throated Woodstar
Description: Magenta throat,white collar with green chest and flank, straight bill.
Range: Costa Rica to Western Panama, here 8 months a year.
Note: Sounds like a helicopter in flight.

Description: Straight black bill, metallic green on top. Chest and throat glittery green, sharp white chest and belly
Range: SW. Costa Rica to Panama.
Note: Most numerous we have, here year round.

White-tailed Emerald
Description: Straight bill, metallic green with white center belly, tail mostly white and broadly tipped black.
Range: Costa Rica to Panama.
Note: One of the smallest birds in existence, here year round.

Long-tailed Hermit
Description: Decurved bill, mostly white tipped central tail feathers, blackish face mask.
Range: Central Mexico to Northern Bolivia.
Note: Makes squeaking sound, here all the time but seen least often.

Green Hermit
Description: Decurved bill, mostly metallic bluish green above, black mask with buff postoular streak, long graduated tail with central tail feathers longer white.
Range: Costa Rica to Peru.
Note: Delicate looking, distintive chirp, here year round.

Brown Violet-ear
Description: Short straight bill, dull brown-green-violet throath patch, violet ear tufts, white moustach streak.
Range: Guatamala to Bolivia and NE. Brazil. Reported rarely in Panama.
Note: Distinctive moustach look, violet ear tufts flare out when defending feeder. striking to see, seasonal.

Green-crowned Brilliant
Description: (male) Glittering green crown forehead and throat, small violet throat patch, main body bronzy green. (female) Green spotted white under parts, white spot behind eye, white stripe below eye.
Range: Costa Rica to Ecuador.
Note: At first I thought we had 2 different breeds, here year round.

Long-billed Starthroated
Description: Long straight black bill, blue crown, white moustach and red throat, green under body.
Range: Southern Mexico to Panama.
Note: Distinctive, here 9 months.

Violet saberwing
Description: Large decurved bill, mostly dark violet, white tail feathers.
Range: Southern Mexico to Western Panama.
Note: Largest hummingbird we have, beautiful in sun light. Female is grey, here year round.

Violet-crowned Woodnymph
Description: (male) Violet crown, upper back and belly. shiny green throat. (female) Bright green above, grey throat and breast.
Range: Central Mexico to Northern Columbia.
Note: Brilliant in sun, here year round.

Description: (male) Dark straight bill, green-bronze, violet crown, throat gorget bright blue green. (female) Bronze green, dull grey ventral.
Range: Southwest U.S. to Western Panama.
Note: Brilliant in sun.

White-throated Mountian-gem
Description: (male) Bronze green under, brilliant green crown, white throat, blue tail. (female) No crown, no white throat, rich cinnamon under part.
Range: Mountians of Western Panama.
Note: Here year round.

Purple-crowned Fairy
Description: Sharply pointed bill,purple crown,bright white under parts, green back.
Range: Southeast Mexico to Southwest Ecuador.
Note: Pierces the base of large flowers to get the nectar, seen doing this on Heliconia and Trumpet plant, here when these are flowering.

Description: Shiny green body, blue tail, in sun light brilliant blue crown, yellow bordered bright orange throat, blue chest patch.
Range: Costa Rica to Western Panama.
Note: Amazing in sun light, here year round.

Description: (male) Metallic green above, throat and chest glittering violet blue, upper parts bright green.(female) Metallic green above, white below with green spotting on sides
Range: Western Pananma to Northern Columbia.
Note: Here year round.

Description: (male) Head and throat intense violet blue, back metallic bluueish green. (female) Gray throat, breast and belly.
Range: Nicaragua to Venezuela.
Note:Just seen the last few months.

Black-throated Mango, Green-breasted Mango, Veraguan Mango.
Description: All 3 are very similar and hard to tell apart. (female) Bronze green upper parts with large whiteish underpart that has a central stripe. (male) Glossy bright green upper parts, throat dark that tapers to green.
Range: The Veraguan is believed to be endemic to Panama, Green-breasted and Black- throated Mexico to Central America.
Note: Last several days noted a female. Will continue to observe and look for the male.

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