Hummingbirds of Chiriqui Highlands


We moved to Panama 5 years ago. Settled in the Chiriqui Highland at an altitude of 4300 ft. We live in the cloud forest which is cool and humid.Starting with 1 hummingbird feeder we had 1 hummingbird species a Violet Saber Wing. That beginning has lead to 12 hummingbird feeders, 19 hummingbird species (Sickle-bill, rufous-tailed, Magenta-throated woodstar, Snowy- bellied, White-tailed emerald, Long-tailed hermit, Green hermit, Brown violet-ear [rare], Green-crowned brilliant, Starthroat, Violet saberwing, Crowned woodnyph, Magnificent, White-throated mountingem, Purple-crowned fairy. Fiery-throated, Sapphire-throated, Violet-headed, Black-throated Mango.) Hundreds of these hummingbirds are feeding daily. There is hummingbird migration but most are native to this area. Hummingbirds need a large amount of calories daily. Our hummingbird nectar recipe is simple 1 part unrefined local cane sugar to 2 part well water, no dyes or chemicals. With this hummingbird nectar recipe we only need to fill our hummingbid feeders twice daily which means 5 lbs. of sugar a day. Sugar donations are always welcome! We have our hummingbird feeders on branches for the hummingbirds perch on which makes for great up close photos. We would like to share any hummingbird facts we know with you. There are hummingbird pictures below taken at our feeders. The hummingbird video below was taken here of our hummingbirds feeding. Please fell free to ask us any hummingbird information you would like to know. If you would like to come and see these beauties let us know. We can arrange for lunch with them if you'd like.


27 Pictures of our hummingbirds at the feeders

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3 min.Video of our hummingbirds feeding

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